Notes for Game 03
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Game date: Dec 19, 2010

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H BB
Dented Bats
1 0 6 3 3 0 2   15 X 6+
Indies #1
3 1 4 0 0 0 0   8 23 0
Game Media
Stats from the Game

Coach’s Game Analysis:

This game was a tough loss against a very competitive team. We started off good, but we had one bad inning defensively. We tried to recover, but we couldn’t get anything going as the opposing team’s defense kept us off the board for the remainder of the game.

Below are my observations from the game:

- The opposing team’s offense was nothing like we’ve faced thus far; they were very aggressive and grabbed extra bases on plays whenever they could. At times we struggled to contain them; their batters alone nabbed 3 doubles. However, I think they might have been too aggressive. If we face them again, we should consider incorporating “decoy” throws to try and catch the base runners off-guard, forcing them to think and slowing them down in the process.

- I’ve noticed that in the last two games the opposing team’s fielders were standing fairly close to the wall. (2 yards or so away from it.) They were doing so to utilize the wall as an “extra fielder.” In other words, if there is a grounder that the defense cannot field in time, they will let it hit the wall and grab the ball on the rebound to attempt a play at second or third. Of course, the fielder will be out of range if there is a short pop-up, but such hits are not nearly as frequent as grounders.

Base running:
- According to league rules, “the batter cannot be thrown out at first if the ball makes contact with the wall.” However, the other base runners can still be forced out. Be sure to advance quickly to the next base when this happens. Our opponent was able to make two force outs against us on such plays.

- BTW, was it me or did the other team have two girls bat in a row?

No comments.


- Video clips from our first 3 games are now online. However, I cannot record everything by myself. Feel free to pick up my camera and record any action as it occurs. Who knows, maybe you’ll capture some nice play on film.

- In light of the recent blizzard, could you please email me your phone number in case I need to reach you?

- Our next game is Jan 2 at 7:30. I understand it’s the day after New Year’s Day, so if you can’t make it, please let me know ASAP.

- As an incentive for a winning season, if we end the season with a winning record, I will buy everyone on the team a beer. If we win the championship (either bracket) you’ll get a beer and a burger. (Or salad, your pick.)

Game Highlights:

Big Bats:
Larry: 5 for 5 with 2 RBIs.
Marilyn: 3 for 4 with an RBI.
Mike: 3 for 5 with 3 runs and one RBI.
Indies #1: everyone had at least one hit. Cycled through order in an inning once.
Dented Bats: 3 doubles.

Web Gems:
Dented Bats: Running grab of a pop-up near short to rob Kim of an infield hit. (2nd)
Marcus:6U-3 double play (3rd)
Marcus:running catch of a pop-up near short. (5th)
Dented Bats: 6-4-3 double play (7th)
Larry:dove after a grounder, got up, ran to second and then tagged second for the out. Play continued with a diving throw to 1B to try for a double play. (Was not in time.) (7th).
Dented Bats: 4 force outs at home plate.
Dented bats: two force outs at second on balls that hit the wall.

Marilyn: 7 IP, 0K, 6+ BB, CG, L.

Memorable Events:
One male player on the opposing team drew 4 walks. That’s very lame, even at A-WOL’s lofty standards.

A-WOL Watch:

1 for 4 with one run scored.

- Misplayed 2 or 3 hits while playing outfield. Was playing too shallow.
- Misfielded a grounder hit directly to him at 2B. Get glasses.
- Later made 4-5 force out while playing second.
- Dove at and missed a grounder to short. Should have instead allowed ball to hit the wall and then try make play at 3B instead.

Andy Wolan is a team captain, reporter and photographer for the Indies #1. This article was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.