League Rules and Regulations
Last Updated: 12/12/2010

League Rules and Regulations
PDF copy of the official BSSC Co-ED Softball League rules and regulation as of Dec 12, 2010. It was last updated in 2009. (Click here to obtain the latest version from the BSSC website.)

Unique Rules for Playoffs:
  1. You may not pick up players from other teams, only players who appear on your roster are eligible to play in the playoffs.

  2. All Playoff games will be played over 9 innings. If a game is still tied after 9 innings, extra innings will be played. In extra innings the batting team will start with a runner (the last batter in the previous inning) on second base. In extra innings both teams will have a chance to bat.

  3. The higher seeded team will be automatic home team.

Recent Rule Changes:
  • None.