Notes for Game 04
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Game date: Jan 2, 2011

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7   R H BB
Indies #1
0 0 1+1 0 6 0 1   9 16 5
0 0 0 0 4 1 5   10 X 1
Game Media
Stats from the Game

Coachís Game Analysis:

There is not much I can say about the game that you probably donít know already. We had a great start defensively and eventually took an 8-0 lead. But we had a meltdown defensively and couldnít recover, giving up the lead. In the end, I think we were the better team but we just couldnít close the game.

So what happened? Two things:
- After we took the 8-0 lead, we let our guard down. Perhaps we were a little too comfortable with the lead?
- In the final inning of play, we were so focused on getting the three outs that we lost focus on the game itself. And when things didnít go well, we tried to compensate by attempting to make a great play, which only led to sloppy plays.

In a situation like this, the best thing to do is take a deep breath, and evaluate where the base runners are. Determine what would be the easiest play to make, if you were to get the ball, and take a conservative defensive stance. You just want to stop the bleeding, and the way to do that is to make conservative outs. The last thing you want to do is allow the base runners to advance extra bases.

For example: Letís say there are runners on first and second, and the ball is hit where you have no play. If the lead runner wants to run, let him go score so the other base runners donít advance. It is in your best interest to keep runners on 1B and 2B instead of 2B and 3B.

In times like this, I would also call a timeout. But since this game runs on the clock, calling a timeout is not allowed.

Below are my other observations from the game:


- Just a clarification: When a batted ball hits the wall, including the top of the wall, the batter cannot be thrown out at first. All other base runners are fair game. If the ball gets lodged behind the wall, then the result is just a single. (Think ďground rule single.Ē)

- Someone from the other team claimed that on a play at second base, Larry and Marcus were either blocking the base or causing obstruction. According to the league rules, blocking of bases is prohibited, resulting in the runner being safe. Obstruction calls are at the judgment of the umpire.

After viewing the video, you could make an argument for either case: there were two fielders on the base, but the runner still had a path to the bag. In the end, there was no gross obstruction and Kim was quick at getting the ball to second, to beat a diving runner going at full speed.

Base running:

- According to the rules, a base runner is not allowed to leave a base until the ball has been hit. Someone from the opposing team said we were leaving the base too early. Itís possible someone might have left a hair too soon, but I did not observe any gross violations of the rule on either side. I personally think it was a ploy to try and slow us down.


- The batting line-up was tweaked to try and lump people into situations where they tend to excel. (And not in the traditional batting order sense.) Iíll look at the net results and tweak it accordingly for the next game.


- Our next game is at 7:30 on Sunday January 9.

- The videos from the first 4 games have earned the team the accolades of ďBSSC Monthly Photo Contest WinnerĒ for January.

- Registration for the next winter indoor softball season is underway. If we register as a team, the per-person cost will be less. (Or at least it should be.) If we register soon, we might also able to get a discount. Let me know if you would like to play again. I think the new season starts shortly after the current season ends.

Game Highlights:

Big Bats:
Marilyn: 2 for 2 (HW, 2 BB) with 2 runs scored and an RBI.
Mike: 3 for 4 with a run scored.
Marcus: 2 for 5 (2B) with 3 RBIs. Hit first double in team history.
Indies #1: Cycled through order in an inning once. (Hit run limit)

Web Gems:
Marcus: Marcus to Dee at 3rd to get a base runner out trying to take an extra base. (2nd)
Dee: Rocket throw to first to throw a speedy runner out. (2nd)
Marcus: Fielded a ball that deflected off A-WOL in outfield and makes play at the plate. (3rd)
Marilyn: Fielded a loose ball near second and threw to Dee at third, who tagged a base runner trying to take an extra base off of a hit. (6th)
TDB: 6U-3 double play.
Indies #1: Four consecutive shut-out innings. Three force-outs at second off of balls that hit the wall. One out at the plate.

Marilyn: 6 2/3 IP, 2K, 1 BB, CG, L.

Memorable Events:
- After falling on the ground near second for some reason, A-WOL rolled out of the way of the incoming fielder.
- Indies #1 was awarded a run because TBD was short one woman. She showed-up later on in the game.

A-WOL Watch:

2 for 4 with a walk. Was safe on a close play at first but was called out. Took 3B for a BT on a throw to home. (Slid hard to base, scratched knee.) Got hit by an Azer grounder while running to 3B. Made a jump to avoid ball, but ball got me in the air.

At short stop:
- Fielded rebound off wall for force-out at second. (Or did I field it clearly?) (4th)
- After a hit ball struck top of wall, made force-out at 2B after Larry reminded me to make throw. Pre-game warm-ups allowed me to make an accurate, hard throw. (4th)

At second:
Was not used to seeing hard, low line drive hits directly at me.
- Misfielded line drive hit directly at me. No play.
- Took rebound off ceiling to get out at 2B. Runner had to hold a little to see if I would make catch. (6th)
- Mishandled ball hit to me. It bounced off glove and towards 2nd. Marilyn picked up the ball, and made a good throw to 3B to get a runner trying to get an extra base on play. (6th)

Had a ball deflect off me. Marcus took the deflected ball it, and then made an out at home.

Andy Wolan is a team captain, reporter and photographer for the Indies #1. This article was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.