Notes for Game P1
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Game date: Jan 30, 2011

Score Box
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   R H BB
Silly Pigs
2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3   6 X 3
Indies #1
0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0   4 15 3
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Marcus and Natalie look on as Larry makes a falling behind the head grab in the OF. (Wolan)
Game Recap (Special feature):

The semi-final game between the Indies #1 and Silly Pigs was a rematch of their close game earlier this season. If the previous game was any indication, another nail-biter was to be expected.

The opposition took an early 2-0 lead, thanks in part to a debatable call. After a force-out was made at home plate, the Indies #1 catcher threw the ball to the pitcher. At this point, one would expect that “time” would be called by the umpire. However, the Silly Pigs base runner that had advanced to third on the previous play proceeded to home plate. With no one paying attention to him, he was able to sneak in and score.

The umpire said he did not call time, because the base runner was still active. A-WOL unsuccessfully argued that the runner only ran home after the ball was out of the catcher’s hands.

Say what you may, but this sneaky play woke up the Indies #1 defense, instilling a resolve to not be outdone again by aggressive base running. Over the next 4 innings, Silly Pigs were limited to a single run, holding the score to 3-0.

In the bottom half of the fifth, the Indies #1 scored 4 runs to take a 4-3 lead. This was accomplished thanks in part to some aggressive base running of their own. After the rally, the Silly Pigs would threaten to retake the lead on a few occasions, but the Indies #1 defense kept the Silly Pigs off the board to hold the lead after eight innings.

But the game would end with the same drama as the previous match-up. In the previous game, the Indies #1 were down to their final strike before rallying for 2 runs and the win. In the top half of the ninth in this evening’s semi-final game, the Silly Pigs found themselves with two on, two out and down to their final strike. But somehow the Silly Pigs would rally for 3 runs to reclaim the lead, and eventually the win.

“If this was a normal 50-minute game, or a 7- or 8-inning game, we would have won,” said Coach A-WOL. “But this is the playoffs and we need to play 9 innings. We simply made one bad play at the end, and that was the difference maker.”

In another twist of irony, the late inning rallies in both games were sparked by a botched play at third.

Coach’s Game Analysis:


- As the season progressed, I noticed that it became increasingly more difficult to collect hits and score runs, as the defense of each team sharpened. As a team, we had trouble making hits. The Silly Pigs shortstop doesn’t make things any easier either, as he has become a “human vacuum” of sorts.


- After a shaky start, our defense came together and played very well. We made the outs that we should have made, had a short memory of any bad plays, and were smart about when to try for a low percentage play. Many players stepped up their game a notch and made plays. Everyone’s contribution help foil multiple scoring opportunities while keeping the base runners in check.
- We made one bad play at the end of the game, which was the difference maker. I think as a team, we ran out of gas by this point of the game. It happens.

Base running:

- We didn’t have many opportunities to be aggressive on base running. But when the opportunity came in the 5th, we took advantage. This aggressive action led to 4 runs.
- As a whole, Silly Pigs likes to run. We were able to keep them all in check for most of the game. - The player on Silly Pigs that has proven the most problematic was named “Mike.” His timing and gutsiness on the base pads are exemplary, to say the least.

The best way to keep him in check is to keep the ball in “front” of him until “time” is called. Whenever a play is made, always be mindful that he will attempt to go an extra base if the ball gets past a fielder, or if no one is paying attention. The former warrants a discussion beyond the scope of this document. The latter can be addressed by simply being mindful of the next base to which he can advance. Be prepared to throw to or cover that base, in case he runs. Stare him down if you have the ball after a play, and always wait for the ump to call “time” before letting your guard down.


- The starting pitcher for Silly Pigs was pitching the ball with a top spin. This type of pitching can help to induce ground balls. Its effectiveness in the game is debatable.


Ump made a debatable call in the first inning.

With the bases loaded, the batter hit the ball to the pitcher. Marilyn fielded the ball and tossed it to Kim covering home plate for the force-out. After the play, Kim tossed the ball back to Marilyn, who had her back against the runner on third.

With the ball back in the pitcher’s hand, everyone on defense assumed the play was over. However, as Marilyn took a step towards the pitching rubber, “Mike,” a player on Silly Pigs, ran to home plate. Since no one was paying attention to him, he would score on the play.

The umpire said he did not call time after Marilyn got the ball, because the base runner was still running, meaning the play was active. According to the rules, the umpire is only supposed to call “time” if he feels all play has stopped. In the end, what the base runner did was legal because the umpire did not call “time.”

However, the counter-argument is that the runner only tried for home AFTER the ball was tossed to the pitcher. After all, unless the base runner was not paying attention, I strongly doubt anyone would try to score after the lead runner was just forced out at the plate.

What Kim should have done was to hang on to the ball and wait for the ump to call “time.” But in the interest of time, she just tossed it back to Marilyn. The base runner only advanced because he knew he could catch the team off guard.

Personally, if I were the umpire I would have forced the runner to return to third because it should have been obvious what the Indies were doing. It wasn’t as if a fielding error had occurred, and the runner was just trying to capitalize.

Game Highlights:

Big Bats:
Garrett: 3 for 5 (2B) with 2 RBIs and one run.
Marcus: 3 for 4 with an RBI.
Dr. Softball: 2 for 3 (BB) with a run.
A-WOL: 2 for 4 (BB) with a run.

Web Gems:
Marilyn: 1-2 force-out to Kim at home plate. (1st)
Garrett: diving catch of rebound off RF wall while playing 1B. (2nd)
Marilyn: diving catch of a rebound off ceiling.
Indies #1: 1-2-3 inning.
Silly Pigs: U5-3 double play.
Silly Pigs: F4-3 double play. (3rd)
A-WOL: after stopping a low line-drive to 2B, he chased down the ball and made a diving-away throw to 2B for out. (6th)
Larry: diving catch of a rebound off OF wall. (7th)
Marilyn: ceiling catch.
Garrett: diving line-drive catch at 1B. (8th)
Silly Pigs: 1-2-3 inning.
Larry: backwards falling catch in OF. (9th)
Indies #1: 6 shut-out innings and one 1-run inning.
Silly Pigs: 8 shut-out innings.

Marilyn: 9 IP, 2 Ks, 3 BB, CG, Loss.

Memorable Events:
- With a runner on first and third and only one out, Garrett made a diving catch of a line-drive to 1B for the out. This prevented the run from scoring. The team later ended the scoring threat with a force-out at 2B.

A-WOL Watch:

2 for 4 (BB) with a run.
- First AB netted a soft liner to SS. Later switched to a heavy bat to force a harder hit.
- Second and fourth ABs were short pop-up hits between the mound and 3B for a hit.
- Drew a walk in third AB. Last pitch was called ball but could have gone either way. Ump said it was deep. Would later score on close play at the plate.
- Last AB, had Kim on 1B. Used lighter bat to try and hit ball down the left foul line, but hit it foul instead. Next pitch was a chopper to SS for FC as I simply tried to just make contact.

Played several innings at 2B. - Caught two put-outs. (Third was not in time.) One ended a serious scoring threat in 8th.
- After stopping but failing to catch a low line-drive to 2B, I chased the ball down as it got in front of me and made a diving-away throw to 2B for force out. It was a nice recovery play that ended a scoring threat in the 6th.
- In 7th, fielded a ball that got away from Garrett at 1B to hold runner at 3B.

Andy Wolan is a team captain, reporter and photographer for the Indies #1. This article was not subject to the approval of the league or its clubs.